Run simple, efficient and time saving operation with cloud, IoT and AI

Contract Management

Configurable Storage, Futures and Basis contracts for below categories of commodities

  •   Agricultural (Dairy, Wheat, Rice, Corn, SoyBeans, Coffee, Cotton & Sugar)
  •  Livestock and Meat (lean hogs, pork bellies, live cattle and feeder cattle)
  •  Metals (gold, silver, platinum and copper)
  •  Energy (crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and gasoline)

Flexible Individual and Mass Pricing of contracts including ability to lift futures, roll and cancel contracts.

Integrated with DocuSign® eSignature option so Producers, Processors and Service providers can now sign contracts with their phone/tablet/PC reducing Contract Confirmation turn around time.

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Expense & Revenue Management

Capture Expenses and Revenues associated with Commodity contracts with configurable expense and revenue components including

  •   Broker Fee
  •   Freight
  •   Dockage
  •   Load
  •   UnLoad Fee
  •   Marketing

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Contract Logistics Execution

  •   Capture load, unload event information including commodity attributes and seamlessly associate with Contracts
  •   Auto Shrink calculation & Discounts based on Commodity Attributes
  •   Capture Terminal/Business location attributes and manage schedule of loads and unloads from contracts

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Risk Measurement & Management

  •   Interactive daily position report across business locations
  •   Mark to Market Reporting
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Market futures & Multi-currency support

  •   Market Futures with configuration to use Bid, Ask, Last price based on Buy/Sell reversal or forward transaction
  • Multi currency support with ability to price futures at market currency and fix FX between futures and contract local currenc  

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IoT integration

  •   Monitor Inventory temperature/ humidity real time and take corrective actions before its too late
  •   Monitor Manufacturing process and get maximum throughput
  •   Minimize data entry error by aiding operator in identifying and updating load weights
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Map View

View your data in an interactive map and identify various arbitrage opportunities

  •   Inventory in locations
  • Open Orders  
  • Producers and Customers 
  • Weather based(rainfall/dryness) 

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Realtime decision

Data is available to you in real time in any Internet connected device (mobile, desktop, tablet)

  •   Real time Inventory
  •   Real time Position
  •   Real time Average Grades
  •   Real time Planning and Scheduling information

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Provide best in industry customer service to your customers and vendors by providing them ability to manage their data (only their data) in any device

  • Orders
  • Contracts
  • Settlements
  • Invoices
  • Prepayments
  • Advances

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Communication & Collaboration made easy

Save time in communicating documents.

  •   Collaboratively amend documents where your internal users can directly send a email link of the document to your customers/vendors.
  •   Save time with context based SMS messaging to counter party
  •   Waste no time in communicating just document numbers without context
  •   Send mass emails and SMS messages to customer/ vendor groups
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