Contract Management in Commodities using Salesforce

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Are you tired of spending excessive amounts of time managing your contracts in Excel? Time is gold, and every minute can add value to your business.

If one of the main challenges you face is the execution of your contracts and risk management strategy, know that with recent advancements in technology, these contract management challenges have become much more simple to handle.

In this blog post, we are going to go over the Salesforce Platform and just how much more effective and efficient it can make your contract management experience!

Everything in the Cloud:

Salesforce is located in the cloud, so you can access and work with your contracts anytime and anywhere. Because it is also browser-based, it can be accessed by virtually any device, from your mobile to tablet. Salesforce also will never force you to pay in full, instead, you simply pay for the features you plan to use and the number of users on your account.

Automated Processes:

There has always been a lot of manual work involved with contract management, but what if we told you it’s possible to automatically manage your contracts based on business rules? Sounds awesome, right? In Salesforce, you can easily automate your business processes,  even sending automatic email notifications or assigning tasks to users based on business rules.

You can also eliminate tiresome back-and-forth emails to your manager for every contract approval. Because all of your team will be on the same platform, with a single click your emails can be automatically submitted to your manager and you will be promptly notified of your Manager’s action!

Track Contracts and Alerts:

With Salesforce you don’t have to worry about constantly noting down the different stages of contracts and their associated shipment logistics because these measures can easily be tracked directly on the application. You can even follow up with the respective buyer or seller with the help of Salesforce’s task notifications!

View in Map:

Salesforce’s unique lightning platform provides an extremely appealing way of viewing your data. You can view all relevant data, even customers, on Salesforce’s unique map feature.

Organize Contracts:

“How many loads are due today?” “How many open contracts do we have?” “How many contracts are out for approval?” With Salesforce’s Reports and Dashboards feature, you can quickly and conveniently have all this information available in a single place.

With the help of Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence, you can even forecast your growth and revenue by understanding which areas you can increase your focus on!

Seamless Integration:

Are you maintaining tons of data on an array of different systems? Do you want to view and analyze all this data coming from different sources on a single platform? Salesforce functions as a platform where you can seamlessly integrate with any number of systems!

You can even eliminate scanning and uploading of documents by using eSignature, as well as mitigate tiresome wait-times with Salesforce’s seamless integration with DocuSign.

With the help of the features mentioned in this blog post, we hope we’ve helped you realize that with Salesforce, contract management has never been simpler!

Contract Management in Commodities using Salesforce
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